Ek pal ne jate jate aane wale pal se kaha, tu muskura

Jo tere hatho mein nahi hai un baaton se hai tu kyu khafa?

                                                                        -Mayur Puri

Are we responsible for our own happiness? When we are unhappy, sad, upset or have fought with a loved one, a lot of people tell us that you are responsible for your own happiness. Do you feel like punching them in their face when they say that to you? See, you can consider forgiving those people, for their timing might not be right but what they are saying does make sense theoretically. Now does it make sense practically? Well, it’s quite difficult to apply that in your own life but isn’t impossible. It’s a journey! You can’t learn it in a day. It comes with practice.

Why are we making ourselves dependent on others for our own happiness? Why are we running after things or getting upset over things which are not even in our hands? The day you’ll learn accepting things you can’t change, is the day you’ll be happy. The day you’ll stop looking for answers to everything is the day you’ll be happy. 

How often do you appreciate things/people you already have? You fight with your mother/wife/husband/partner and leave for your office. What if you go back home and get to know that s/he is no more now? The last time you had a conversation with him/her, was your fight!! Isn’t it too late to tell him/her how much do you love him/her? Why are our fights so small? We are struggling with things and cribbing about things that do not even matter to us that much. Are you not giving unnecessary stress to your own self? Now are you not responsible for your own happiness here? If you’re reading this article, go and tell your loved ones right away how much do they mean to you. Go and express your love. 

You can’t expect others to make you happy. You can’t blame them for your unhappiness. Everyone has their own struggles. Rather than finding faults in others, look for possible ways of improving your own self. Take help, if needed. It’s a journey. You don’t need to go out somewhere to find happiness because that happiness is going to be a temporary one. If you want to experience a permanent one, start to look for it within yourself. 

Do not confuse happiness with smiling or laughing all the time. Acceptance is something that you have to learn to deal with difficult situations. Accept that there are people who are different from you, accept that you are not right all the time and accept that there are things/people you can’t change. This ACCEPTANCE is HAPPINESS. ☺