Whenever we have a physical health problem, we immediately rush to the doctor to get it treated. But why is it that when we are stressed or trying to deal with a difficult situation, we don’t even seek mental health help and think it will be fine on its own? A lot of studies suggest that depression, stress, anxiety and other mental health problems are associated with an increased risk for the development of physical health problems such as lifestyle disorders, heart problems because of which we go through changes in sleep patterns, changes in our body like hair fall, gaining weight, losing weight etc. 

Now isn’t it rational to first go to a psychologist to work on your mental health problems with her/his help rather than developing physical health problems and then considering taking mental health help at a very later stage in life?

Unfortunately in our society, the fees of a Psychologist who sits with you, listens to you patiently to help you work on your problems for 1 long hour is much more painful to people, than the fees of a physical health professional who probably gives you prescription within 5-10 minutes and takes the same amount from you. In no way I am demeaning any profession, but in no way the profession of a mental health practitioner should also be demeaned. I’ve had people telling me that doctors put in so much effort in their studies for 5-7 years to reach where they are today. Surely these people have never taken counselling in their lifetime. Its high time peeps! You know what the actual concern is? For people it is really not about the fees of a physical health professional or a mental health professional. They simply give less importance to their mental health, thus spending on it becomes an issue for them. A lot of times, we regret over-spending on things we think we shouldn’t have but we think hundred times before spending on our mental health. To all the people out there, I request you all to start taking your mental health seriously to prevent yourself from suffering from various physical and mental health disorders later in life. You have only one life, don’t live it in stress, anxiety, guilt, helplessness. Invest in your mental health. Take help from a professional Psychologist as your friends/family can only help you to an extent. They are not trained, they might themselves need help for thousands of other issues. We all need help and it’s perfectly fine to come out, talk about your issues and seek help. 

People also refrain from taking mental health help because our society discriminates and disgraces people who go to a Psychologist, calling them ‘Pagal’ and what not! Thus people who really need help, don’t come out and speak about their issues because of the stigma attached to mental ill health and going to a Psychologist. What people don’t understand is, counselling addresses a wide range of issues such as Time Management, Anger Management, Career related problems, Relationship problems etc. You need not suffer from a mental health disorder to go to a Counsellor/Psychologist. And even if someone has a mental health illness, its high time that people in our society should stop disgracing them and instead, think of providing them with proper support, care and encouragement to come out, speak about their problems and seek help from a Professional.