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Sonali is a Counselling Psychologist and an Activist.

She has done her Bachelors in Human Development and Childhood Studies from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and her Masters in Applied Counselling Psychology from Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS). She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and Administration from TISS.

She has an extensive field work experience. She has worked with Counselling Centres, NGOs, Old Age Homes, Slums, Hospital, Schools, De Addiction Centres etc.

Her work experience includes working:
– with NGOs as Programme Manager;
– as a Community Mental Health Worker, reaching out to people to spread Mental health awareness;
– as a Counselling Psychologist and a Life Skills Trainer with schools.
-She has worked with Advait Life Education as a Life Education Trainer. She has delivered lectures in various colleges like AKGEC, IPEC, BIT, KNMIPER etc.

She is the founder of The Peaceful Chord. Her organisation offers a wide range of mental health services. She wants to make her country, a better place to live. She has been empowering the underprivileged and disadvantaged to become self-sufficient in life. She believes in Equality in terms of resources, gender, privileges, age, caste, race etc. and is highly against any kind of discrimination. She believes, before anything else, people must learn how to be empathetic and in her opinion, it should be taught right from the beginning, in the schools to children so that they learn how to respect each other’s point of views and accept each other with their flaws.

Being a psychologist, she has the ability to assess situations, difficulties, risks, behaviour and emotional problems, and give counselling on the basis of her assessments. She has been working with children, adolescents and adults and therefore she understands where they are coming from, the amount of care, understanding, encouragement and empathy they need to move ahead in life.