Couple Therapy

If you are a person who is withdrawing from a relationship just because you are having conflicts every now and then, you need to understand that in every intimate human relationship, conflicts are inevitable. A stable and happy marriage lies in the couple’s hands and ability to express disagreements and at the same time using deliberate and thoughtful conflict resolution peace making mechanisms.

People often say that they have tried everything but still nothing is happening. The truth is, they never really sat down with their partner to discuss or set conflict resolution rules or even if they have, they don’t make conscious efforts to follow those rules. When they lose it, they leave, withdraw or show aggressive behaviours. Thus the absence of proper conflict management contributes to stress and tensions in a marital relationship.

Factors affecting marital conflict:

1.Having an extra marital affair or when one partner acts suspicious all the time despite his/her partner being sober and faultless.

2.Alcohol/drug abuse by any partner and it’s after effects on the family and the spouse.

3.Influence of family members: When the man always follows his parents’ instructions and does what they ask him to do, neglecting the needs of his wife and vice versa, it causes a lot of conflicts in the marriage.

4.Time Management/Dual career marriages: A major task in dual career marriages is time management. A lot of couples are not able to spend time with each other due to their work commitments. When they have week offs, one of them wants to spend time with the family or friends rather than spending it with the spouse. This causes a lot of frustration in the relationship.

5.Type of marriage: A lot of times marriage is forced upon a person and they have to leave their partner behind and marry a person of their parents’ choice. This puts them under a lot of pressure and stress in their marriage with the current partner and they find it extremely difficult to cope up with it.

6.Childcare: With regard to the roles, despite the changes that are happening today, the responsibility of the childcare rest with the wife. She is going out to work, coming back home, taking care of the child. The husband provides little or no help which puts a lot of pressure on women causing undue stress to them and thus making them feel agitated, frustrated which turns into a conflict in no time.

7.Extended family’s responsibilities: In India, the wife is usually responsible for all the household chores along with taking care of not just the spouse, but his parents and children also. This puts a lot of pressure on women and they tend to raise their voice after a point when they are not able to take it. This turns into a conflict because hey! Who likes a woman with a mouth/voice in our society?

8.Expenditures: Long-term marriages make the couple more understanding of what both of them want thus they have fewer conflicts. Decisions about expenditure patterns and finances because of the pressure of ensuring financial stability for the children and the family may lead to qualms about the future and thus providing enough reasons to have conflicts.

Thus, if you both are fighting too much or not able to resolve your conflicts, book an appointment with us, you both surely will be helped and guided