Family Therapy

A lot of couples and families come to therapy because they are in involved in some form of conflict with one another and lack the skills to manage that conflict on their own. 

Family therapy involves at least one therapist and a client system. It allows family members to:-

  1. understand each other’s experiences and opinions and appreciate each other’s needs
  2. express difficult thoughts and emotions securely
  3. build on family strengths and make advantageous changes in their relationships and their lives.


How does it help me and my family?

Family Therapy is beneficial for adults, elderly, children, young people experiencing a wide range of issues as well as relationship problems. These include: 

  • Child and adolescent behaviour difficulties
  • Fostering, adoption, kinship care and the needs of ‘looked after’ children
  • Couple conflicts
  • Communication problems amongst family members
  • Disability in the family 
  • If a family member is suffering from a mental health disorder
  • Separation, divorce and step-family life 
  • Difficulties related to ageing
  • Domestic violence 
  • The effects of trauma 
  • Substance abuse 

Therefore if you think you have been facing such issues/conflicts at home, don’t wait for a miracle to happen. Take help! Book an Appointment with us