Group Therapy

You don’t have to fight your battle alone if you are a member of a group.

“Some of the most soothing words in the universe are ‘me too.’ In a group you will find out that your worries are also someone else’s worries and you’re not alone.

In group therapy, more than one individual/client meet face-to-face with a therapist and talk about what is bothering them. Group members learn new ways of behaving through interacting with each other. Whatever the members share with each other is safe and confidential and can’t be discussed outside the group.

To share one’s own issues, a level of trust should be established so that members can talk about their issues openly. Therefore the focus of first few sessions is on the establishment of trust. To achieve group trust, all members of the group need to make a commitment to the group.

The advantages of group therapy are that the members recognize that other members share similar thoughts, problems and feelings; members agree to take accountability for their life decisions; through feedback provided from other members, members gain personal insight about their interpersonal impact; members release strong feelings about present or past experiences.

Therefore, if you think you can gain through being part of such a group, book an appointment with us